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How can I get a support via chat?

I can't find the button to start chat

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You don't need to get support via chat.


You can ask your questions right here.


What is your question?

I'm not sure I can ask here about withdrawal issues. But thanks for your message

You can ask here about payment withdrawal issues. You don't need to provide specific details such as a bank account number. If you ask something that can't be resolved here, a Forum moderator can route the matter to the proper internal Upwork team.

Why withdrawals are not proceed? I haven't received notification for two days now. I'm speaking both as a freelancer and as an agency. Lately it took 1 hour maximum

re: "Why withdrawals are not proceed?"


You live in Russia.

Yes, the bank is not under sanctions

I'm sorry, is this your answer? 🙂

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Sometimes the "has been processed" emails are missing. It's never yet affected any of my withdrawals.

Hello, thanks for your message! Okay, but the main problem is in the delay of receiving, not in the email notification, so I'd like to hear the statuses of withdrawals from the Upwork team

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Sorry to intrupt but for us Chat support is working ... and you might have tried at that time when support was not avaialble (due to time zone)

Seems it's hidden for me or for freelancers/agencies from russia, even though I'm top rated plus freelancer

Xreate a ticket then. I expect Support to be overburdened with all that is going on at the moment.

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Community Manager

Hi Georgiy,


I went ahead and forwarded your concern to our support team. They'll be reaching out to you directly via support ticket in order to assist you. I would also like to confirm that our support options are not limited to users located in Russia.


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