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How can I get connets?

I don't have any connects right now even though I don't get any job yet that's the reason I can't apply for any job, what should I do and can I get free connect?

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You will need to buy a membership that provides 80 connects per month or buy individual connects for .15 a piece. Go to your settings and click on "membership and connects."


There is no way for you to get free connects. Because you are new, you will likely need to spend more connects until you have established yourself. Also, you may need to be more selective about the jobs you apply for and make sure you have the skills to be selected.


Hi MD, we’ve upgraded Connects to give you 10 free Connects every month at the beginning of your billing cycle and bonuses for every interview you win. We will send you a notification in Upwork (notification bell) and an email when you earn free Connects. For more information on how this works, check out our guide here.


I was not including the "bonus" connects because it is a tool so many freelancers already use to gain free connects. I do not think it is a good way for a freelancer to begin their time at Upwork. Freelancers need to build their career, especially being on the platform for less than three weeks, not try to play the system for free connects. I believe it steers many new freelancers to gaining connects and never developing a real presence.


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