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How can I get help from Upwork?

This is probably an old topic already as I saw a lot of posts on here but since I could not find any other ways to contact Upwork, please allow me to reopen this kind of topic again.

I am facing an issue that I cannot find "ID verification badge" sector in my account which means that I cannot follow the guid eto verify my ID.

Then later I faced an issue with contacting Upwork. It was suggested for me to get on "Help Home" page, scroll to the bottom and click on "Get Help" but unfortunately I could not find the button "Get Help". I could only find "Get Support from Bot" but Bot could only do as much as direct me to FAQs where I but could not find answer on my issue.

Sorry for bothering, Upwork, but I wanted to ask for help for checking on my account and let me know whether my ID is verified and what might be steps needed for me to do to get "ID verification badge".

Many thanks for such wonderful platform and dedicated work


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You don't need to worry about this at all. If upwork wants to verify your identity, you will get a message. If you don't, there is nothing you need to do. You can't request verification. 

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