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How can I get in contact with a customer support agent?



I need to get in touch with a customer support agent as I have an issue about payments I don't want to share in a public forum. It seems impossible to get in contact with an actual person. Does someone know how I can actually speak to someone from Upwork?




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Retired Team Member

Hi Jeanette,


Feel free to reach out to me via PM (click on my name) with more details so that I can assist you accordingly. Thank you.

~ Goran
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Me too.


The app is so unclear as to whether or not freelancers have been paid.

I wanted to make sure my freelancer had been paid for work he did. It didn't show on the app, so I pushed the button that says PAY.

Turns out that was to pay a bonus and only when looking at the desktop version (which I couldn't as my kids were doing schoolwork) that he HAD already been paid and this is a payment of a BONUS!


This was a genuine mistake and only in the interest of looking after my freelance have I now paid him twice.

I need a refund of the money and presume it is held in ESCROW in case of disputes. However, there is only a bot that answers questions and no actual help to sort out the issue.

NB - I recently joined Kajabi and they have 24 hour specialists available to sort out any issues. It means I keep using them and recommend them to everyone I know. Why don't you have something similar?

Hi Scott,


I`m sorry about the inconvenience this had caused you. Our team reached out to you via ticket to assist you further with the bonus payment you`ve paid. You can access your tickets on this Link, thank you.

~ Goran
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