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How can I get more job?

Hello Everyone,


After a long time, I again start work on Upwork. In 2013 I start work on upwork. I have total of 6 years experience. I have done 26 Project and 1425 Hours in Upwork.


Recently again I start work on upwork. Can anyone suggest me how can I get more job in 2019?



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Well since from 2013 , there are trumendous amount of changes  happen with upwork. From free membership connect to paid membership connect.


some of the things like:


1. Charging fees from client

2. Connect system and their costing

3.  Agency profile segment which is wider now.

4. Freelancer profile section now we are having different listing section based on our skills and also popular project segment which is newly invent here.


If you are spending your time regularly then you will definitely get a project and also you must maintain your ratings.

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