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How can I got my first job?

I think my profile it's all ok but I can't get the first job in Upwork. I submit a lot of proposals but don't get any response or any job. please can you help me, please check my profile and any change please feedback me. My profile link: https://www.upwork.com/freelancers/~0117a9fdb04e37af09


Hi Harendar,

Thanks for your message. I have reviewed your profile and have few tips for you:

  • Your profile is 40% complete and I encourage you to have it 100% complete. You can check this article for some guidelines on how to do that. 
  • Take the Upwork Readiness Test. The test is required for getting a Rising Talent badge, once you become eligible. If you need additional background before taking the test, read this help article
  • Your profile overview is short compared to the average. Consider crafting it as a pitch to prospective clients. Be clear on your expertise and try to concisely explain what you can do, how you do it, and for what type of business/client. Don't just talk about yourself and your skills, but include a paragraph to explain how you can help the clients.
  • Currently, you don’t have a specialized profile. To ensure all of your expertise is captured using the features of specialized profiles, you might want to consider adding a specialized profile to showcase your skills. You can review a list of all of the options here to help you select the most relevant one. You can have up to two of these profiles which can help you show off different areas of work and market to specific types of clients.
    Having at least one Specialized Profile is important for search results as well. Clients can filter for talent who work in project categories that correspond to the specialized profile categories. If you do not have a specialized profile in that area you would not show up in the search results at all.
  • I encourage you to add portfolio items as it gives you the opportunity to impress potential clients with real-life examples of your skills and expertise. To help you look your best, consider showcasing 4+ examples of your best work. Learn more about building a great portfolio here.
  • Add recent employment history item. If you don't have a recent employment history, consider adding your business as an individual professional as one line item. 

I hope this is helpful!

I recommend visiting the Upwork Events page. There are great past (recorded) and upcoming profile makeover webinars that can help you better understand how to position yourself and make your profile more marketable. 


Tiffany F. | Upwork Success Partner

thank you so much Tiffany

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