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How can I improve my profile to get more jobs?

Hi, I am new to oDesk. My profile is https://www.odesk.com/users/~016267d3ffc5a6cc9c How can I improve it to get more jobs? Currently, after sending out 20 job applications,I have secured 2 jobs. Is this considered good or bad? I also have some job applications which have not been responded to. How long should I wait for a response before withdrawing to apply for other jobs? Thanks in advance, Keane Kwa

Hi Keane, Congratulations for securing two jobs; just make sure you have contracts before you start working. Also, you may need to remove the "FREE" work on your profile. If I remember it right, oDesk does not allow free work. Secondly, your opening yourself to abuse. With regard to withdrawing application, check the job posts and see if the client is already conducting interviews or has hired a freelancer. You can withdraw your application then. You may want to focus on the two jobs you have and leave the rest of the applications as they are and just wait for your quota to refresh after a week. As you grow in your freelancing career, you'll be able to determine yourself when you can withdraw your applications. Cheers!

Hi Keane. I like your profile. Just one thing: In your work experience, where you say you gave up the blog because you felt writing wasn't for you - that could give clients a negative impression. They might worry that if they gave you a job, you might decide in the middle that it's not for you and quit that, too. Can you turn this around to make it positive? Can you find something good to say about the job? Maybe that in order to write the blog you had to learn new things about SEO, or that you enjoyed helping people by sharing your knowledge of SEO with them. Just something positive. You can probably come up with something better than my examples.