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How can I see my W-8BEN form filled in pdf?

I've filled out W-8BEN info (just 3 fileds), but can't se the exact PDF file (with around 10 fields that looks like this one **Edited for Community Guidelines** ) that Upwork looks like uses, and looks like I signed.


How can I see this file?


Hi Aleksandr,


I would like to clarify that you can't download the W-8BEN form from your account. You can add all information needed by going to Settings › Tax Information. Please know that the Form W-8BEN is a form used to confirm you’re not a U.S. taxpayer and that Upwork is not required to withhold taxes from your earnings. For record-keeping purposes, Upwork requires a Form W-8BEN for all non-U.S. taxpayers paid on Upwork. Once you file your Form W-8BEN, the system will activate your eligibility to access funds immediately.


You can find more information in this help article


~ Nikola
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