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How can i improve



I am regulary getting job in my sector during last couples of months.

I dont know what happend In augest i only landed 3 new jobs. (Elance merge?)


I am looking for suggesion in my profile 


Thank you for your valuable time to reading.


I would say it's a combination of several things. A dump of Elancers on the platform, the site crashing, proposals not being shown, and messages not working. Pretty significant problems that could scare off customers and more competition on top of that.


I would think that the site issues would be a 911 thing for them since it's revenue impacting, so hopefully things will settle down soon.

"A dump of Elancers"


Is that the official term of venery for a group of Elancers? Like a gaggle of geese, a wisdom of wombats or a parliament of owls? I like it!

"Welcome, humans. I'm ready for you!"
- Box, Logan's Run (1976)

A dump of Elancers is exactly 200,000 people according to my analysis and statistical research. I have collected all the data and made a spreadsheet calculating exactly when those Elancers dumped on the platform.

They'll barely make a dent in the 10 million existing Upwork freelancers.  

"Welcome, humans. I'm ready for you!"
- Box, Logan's Run (1976)

I'm pretty offended that you would question my superior analytical skills. Your words of sense hold no value to me, Mr Scott.


Elance clients traffic will be on Upwork after August 31, So I think that you just wait one more week to check how are you feeling now. 

I'm not so sure that all Elance clients will be leaving the liner for the dinghy, but I might be wrong.

"I'm not so sure that all Elance clients will be leaving the liner for the dinghy, but I might be wrong."


well,  they'll have to leave if they want to post new jobs, they will no longer be able to do so....


And frankly if you were on the Titanic, you'd be grateful for a Dinghy....

I wonder: What is the total number of ACTIVE contractors on Upwork?


By this, I would say, how many contractors actually use the platform in a given month?


I'm hoping that the number of active contractors is much smaller than the total number of registered contractors.


Because so many of the contractor's profiles I see... Well let's just say I could make many cuts and it wouldn't hurt clients' ability to get their work done.


Lots of contractors should never have come here in the first place. They're simply not ready to work as contractors. They need to find jobs working for a local business or employer.