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How can you tell if someone hires you?

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Vincent M Member Since: Mar 17, 2017
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Hello, I was wondering how you know is someone hires you. Do you get a message or a notification? I was wondering because I am new and have put about 5 purposals in and just incase I do get hired I'd just like to know where to look if I am hired

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Virginia F Member Since: Feb 15, 2016
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It's a good idea to acquaint yourself with how the website works before you starting submitting proposals. You'll be better prepared and work safer if you do this. This link is a good place to start:

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Bucky R Member Since: Oct 25, 2016
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Hi Vincent,

Once your proposal is accepted the client will send you a message which will be considered as an interview. The client might ask you a few things during this interview or he might describe the work more deeply that what exactly is he looking for. If you got succeed to satisfy him during the interview he will then send you the offer with specific rate and requirements. By accepting that offer you will enter into a contract with that client.

I hope it explains everything.



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Vincent M Member Since: Mar 17, 2017
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Thank You, Helped a lot!

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Zain R Member Since: Feb 24, 2021
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I wanna ask that if someone hires me and calls me for interview,
so will I get a notofication.?

Joanne Marie P Moderator Member Since: Nov 26, 2017
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Hi Zain,


Yes, you will receive a notification when a client sends you an offer or send you a message to let you know. You can check your Upwork account and the email address associated with your Upwork account. 

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Melanie M Member Since: Jul 13, 2016
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Check your messages first.  If a client is interested, he will send you a message to ask questions or clarify specs of the job.  If he decides to hire you, then he will fund the milestone, and a yellow "dot" will appear next to the bell at the top right side of the site page to show that a contract is open and you have been hired.  If you have your UpWork account linked to your email account, you will get copies of notifications there, as well.  DO NOT DO A JOB UNTIL YOU HAVE A FUNDED CONTRACT/MILESTONE.  If you submit work without funding in escrow, you will more than likely NOT get paid, and UpWork will not be able to help you.  With a funded milestone in place, you have protection.


Read up on the Terms of Service and these message threads before going any further.  Scam "clients" scout for newbies here to take advantage of.  You will probably hear from someone trying to get you to go to Google Hangouts to interview.  Many ask contractors to buy software with a check they will send you. Do NOT accept the check.  First of all, it isn't real. Secondly, accepting payments outside of Upwork will get you suspended.  No viable client will ask you to purchase anything, anyway.  Well, I've strayed off topic, but it sounds like you may  be someone who would need that advice since you are new and unaware of how things work around here.

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Lucrecia G Member Since: Sep 16, 2018
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I had my interview and the client uses asana,

how does this contract looks like? what should I see in my proposal screen?

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Nichola L Member Since: Mar 13, 2015
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@Lucrecia G wrote:


I had my interview and the client uses asana,

how does this contract looks like? what should I see in my proposal screen?

It doesn't matter what your client uses. You are not hired for either a fixed-rate or hourly job, until your client has set the contract up via Upwork and you have accepted the terms.You will see the contract offer on your page and as an email. When you accept the contract, Upwork will send you a message and email you saying your contract has begun. If you plan to work on an hourly basis, then only the Upwork tracking system will protect you. 

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Domonique M Member Since: Nov 3, 2018
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An employer said he has clicked the hire button and I am supposed to get an email.  Is it supposed to show on my profile page?  I am looking everywhere for the contract.  Where do I find this so I can be prepared by Monday?