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How can you tell if your rate is right?

How do you know if your rate is help or hindrance in getting work here? I suppose ideally you go by industry standards for what you do, but that might price you out of the market here.


Also noticing a lot of jobs for "intermediate" level where the client is actually asking for high skill level in some areas, even expertise. Wondering if this overall means more concern for getting work cheaper.  And even considering changing mine to "intermediate," but that seems stupid. 

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When you have all the work you need or want your rate is either right or too low for what you have to offer OR you're not selling yourself as effectively as you could.


When you have more work than you can handle, it's time to up your rate.


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You could pay for the premium subscription for a month to see the bid range for gigs. (I did this recently.)

That's a really good idea. I was forced into it one month when I didn't have enough recent earnings to stay publlic. I did have a better sense of it then.

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