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How client's activities affecting freelancing profiles. Any solution? - Please help.

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Renu J Member Since: Jun 22, 2015
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Hello everyone!


My name is Renu johnson. I am here to share my about my scores and old clients inactivities relationship. 


After talking to one of customer care representative, i found all scoring and clients activities details. 


Few days ago my scores were 94%. I was on 100% score and found sudden drop of 6%. I though may be one of my client who ended project have chosen "project not completed". But when i asked him, he said he selected project completed successfully. He left me nice rating and feedback. When my scores dropped by 6%, i didn't care much because i though it will gain it back and i am still top rated.


Today i noticed my scored drop by another 4% and now i am at 90%. That started worrying me horribly. For freelancers who work above and beyond to keep their scores best and when we found our scrores are dropping because of our current project's inacivities which is fairly not our fault. Our rating drops because any client's project is on hold due to any xyz reason. 


I am here to find out solution and seeking for answers that why we freelancers paying for client’s faults? We all freelancers here because we want best for ourself and our family. I love doing freelancing because it give me freedom to stay at home, work from home and watch my daughter. 


I work hard and try my super best to keep my clients happy. However its impossiblle that we can keep everyone happy. But we can try. That’s what i do. I try my hard and best to maintain my top rated profile. 




Can anyone reply me thats whats the solution and why freelancer suffer when its clients fault? Prob 4-5 years back, upwork had wonderful policy to end contact automatically if project has inactivity from long time. 


But now, freelancer’s scores are suffering because project is on hold for any xyz client’s personal reasons. Clients don't reply. Clients payment method not verified. Client's profile is on hold etc. IT EFFECTS OUR SUCCESS SCORES. 


Please can anyone give me fair reply why? Why we are suffering from someone else's fault? It really hurts when we work hard to keep our profile top rated and some clients ruin it. I mean our efforts are just waste? 


Don't we have any fair solution?




Top of this, if we end contact ourselves because client doesn't reply, our profiles score still suffer. But why? Why our profile suffer. 


Upwork is really amazing platform and giving breads to millions freelancers like me. 


I am really disappointed at this point and don't know what to do. I have some projects which are on pause or client’s payment not verified or hold. Clients never reply or says they will resume it when they need my services. They don’t want to end the project. What i can do?


If i take risk to end the contact, i might get worse feedback. I can't even hide it anymore. Can i? 


And worse thing, my score will get effected if i will initiate. 





First, I think upwork should take initiation and end those inactive projects like they use to do so it doesn't ruin contactor profiles. That was best thing. It was great help to freelancer so they don't have to deal with this. 


I am wondering if there is any rules for clients as well? 


Thank you so much and i hope there will be fair solution for freelancers soon.


Best Regards,

Renu Johnson. 

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Jennifer M Member Since: May 17, 2015
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you have 8 or 9 dead contracts and you need to close them.

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Renu J Member Since: Jun 22, 2015
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Hello Jennifer,


Long time ago i was told by upwork customer support that leave them the way they are if client don't reply because they will effect my score. 


I think now its time to end those contract regardless what the result will be. I suffered alot by this scoring system already and it feels like i will burn either way. Sooner or later. Going to do it. 

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Jennifer M Member Since: May 17, 2015
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You have contracts that have been open for 3-4 years. CLOSE THEM

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Blagoj M Member Since: Sep 26, 2017
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Hello Renu,


I totally agree on what you're saying. I recently had a drop from 97% to 92% in my JSS and today also went to 91%. All the contracts are finished successfully with excelent feedback and I'm not sure why the drop in JSS.


I've previosly contacted the support center and they've answered that they can't release how the JSS score is calculated, but it seems that only the freelancers are suffering.


I really think that there should be some kind of an explaination why the drop of the JSS so we can at least know in the future to be aware.


In the end it is what it is, we have no control for now, so we can only hope that there will be some changes in their algorithms to improve the situation. I believe we're not alone with this problem, hope others will share their experiences with their JSS score.


With best regards,


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Renu J Member Since: Jun 22, 2015
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I know Blagoj,


I understand how it hurts Smiley Sad 


We can hope upwork will find solution. I think we should keep posting ideas how it can effect and may be they pick our idea and work on it. 


Thanks again



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Ryan C Member Since: Feb 3, 2017
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Hello Renu,


Thank you for sharing your opinion with us. Please keep in mind that we are working continuously to enhance our system so we could serve you better. You may also leave us a feedback by logging in to our website, click the Feedback button at the bottom-most part of the page. Thank you.

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Renu J Member Since: Jun 22, 2015
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Thank you so much for reverting me back. 


I was hoping to hear back from Upwork team. 


Please consider this feedback as its not only me, lots of freelancers suffering. 


Please find out some fair solution which help contractors. I know its a rule that customers are always right, but service provider also do their best to provide best services. Some are happy and some not. 


I hope upwork will take action soon and find out solution so freelancers like myself and others don't suffer and able to get effecient work.


When our success score is low because of old clients, new clients think may be we are not responsible contractors and why they should work with us. Its our loss. 


Please please please, find out some best solution.


Thank you so much