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How cpuld i find a job

Guys **edited for Community Guidelines** !I want to know about any kind of jobs and have aĺl experience. **edited for Community Guidelines**

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Ulug'Be M wrote:
Guys please provide me a job !I want to know about any kind of jobs and have aĺl experience.if you're offer a job i will do

You want to first learn how to spell "designer" before bidding on another job.


In design, your ability to understand client requirements is like half of the job, so when you can't spell your job description properly, it's not exactly confidence-instilling for the clients that you have the communication skills required to successfully complete their projects.

I don’t think the first issue I would focus on is spelling.

It's one of the many things I would focus on.

Also, the OP's profile is set to private, so not much personalised feedback can be given until he opens it up.

Except, of course, for his profile title, which can still be seen.

Oo really what should i do?

Ulug'Be M wrote:
Oo really what should i do?

Do what you've been told.

Read the resources you've been pointed to in this thread, work on the areas you need to, and maybe, just maybe, you will land a gig on Upwork.

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Community Manager

Hi Ulug, 


You'll find a wide variety of jobs on Upwork. You may check each job category in this link. You may also want to check these articles for more information on how to create a unique and stellar profile. 

In the meantime, kindly refer to this page for more information about your account.

~ Avery
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