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How deal with opened contracts from unresponsive clientes

I just wonder if you guys have clientes who has placed a long term contract (based on fixed hours) but whithout send you work?

Lately that has been happening to me and I am not sure about the best approach. First, I thought it would be great and that eventually I will receive some request from this client but now I am getting concerned that this might be negative for my profile.

Not sure how to deal with it.


Any thoughts wll be hightly appreciated.

Thank you

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Hi Karla,

If it's just sitting there with nothing happening, although the whole thing is incredibly annoying, it's probably not doing any damage. The client may have become busy and forgotten about it or something else may have happened. Also, people are still living with COVID-19 everywhere, so that's always a possibility. It's only when you close the contract that it might have some effect. If there's no money exchanged, the client can't leave public feedback, but they can still leave private feedback. The effect the private feedback has on your JSS probably won't be dramatic if you weren't paid anything.

Is it only one contract, or more than one? And how long has it been running without the client giving you any work.

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