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How do Freelancers report suspected fraud client posts?

How do Freelancers report suspected fraud client posts without having to directly take time out to contact Upwork directly? In the past few months, there are several clients in my opinion abusing their posts by placing the same posts out over and over again.


Freelancers what do you typically do? Skip it or?

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I have noticed this since the beginning of summer. I don’t know why upwork doesn’t deal with this, the signs of such tasks are quite the same (at least a few types of them) and something could have been done about it for a long time. Previously, I almost always sent a report, but when there were too many of them, and several months had passed without changes, I just got tired of doing it

When you sent a report, who did you send it to? Someone in this community or called on the Upwork support line?

Just "Flag as inappropriate" in the task menu



This is why upwork support is overwhelmed. People don't search the forum or the very basics of upwork, they immediately run to support. 

I don't understand why you don't tell people to just flag it. No one in the community can do anything about it, nor does staff want to chat about what should have been flagged. There have been a couple of times over the years I had to contact support repeatedly, but they were the only ones who could straighten out the problem. A job issue is easily handled through the current system.

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William, there was never any need to contact Upwork - you just click on the "flag as inappropriate" link. It takes two seconds. If you're going to position yourself as an expert and give out advice, it would be great if you took the time to learn about how the platform works. 

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Upwork does NOT want you to report it in the forum or contact them directly. 

You can report every job posting by flagging it. You should not report it in any other way.  


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Hi William, use the flag as inappropriate button to report inappropriate jobs. Also make sure your availability is up to date when submitting proposal. Thanks! 

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