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How do I accept a purchase through the Project Catalog?

I've been on the project catalog for a bit, and just got my first buyer--but I'm not sure how to accept the contract to work with her? She messaged me trying to find even how to purchase or fill out the requirements for the project, and had some trouble doing so. Now, she confirmed that she was going to do that, and I got a "ready to go?" message from Upwork--but there's nothing for me to do. No button to accept it, nothing requirements to see, nothing at all. Even when I click through the link shown to my project, it just looks as it does when I'm previewing it, and I get the "you can't purchase this with this profile" message. I'm afraid the contract is started on my client's end, so the clock is going, but I have nothing to work with. Any ideas?


Hi Isabelle,


I cheked your account, and it looks like our team reached out to you regarding your concern with your client purchasing your project. Please check out the information our team shared with you on this ticket number: 30727135. You can access the ticket when you log in to your Upwork account and going here. You may also share this help article with your client. 

~ Joanne
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