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How do I ask the client for payment?

Good day. I recently have a employer and up to this moment I'm still waiting for his payment. The only problem is I notce that his payment is unverified. With this instance how can Upwork assist me?


Thank you and more power.

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Hi Necy, 

We always recommend freelancers to not start working on a project until the client's payment method is verified. Unverified payment methods do not qualify for the Upwork Payment Protection program. 

I would just like to clarify that you do not need to ask for payment from your client if this is an hourly contract. Once you log time on your Work Diary, your client will be automatically charged by the end of the work week, according to the hours that you have logged. You may read up on this help article to know more about how you get paid for hourly contracts. 



~ Avery
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I have found that clients do not like people constantly nagging them about payment. Simply request release and they will receive an email notification.


If they are yet to respond in two weeks you can ask. Send a friendly reminder. However unless the employer is a trusted person, do not  do jobs without preset milestones.



Best Regards,
Kofo GT

How to request release ?

Sucharita D wrote:

How to request release ?

Have you read the help to find out how it works?
Here are the explanations of how the payment for fixed price and hourly works.
If later something is not clear to you, you can come and ask.

re: "How to request release?"


Hourly: do nothing (it's automatic)

Fixed-price: click "Submit Work for Payment" button

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