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How do I classify my income as business revenue?

Hi! I'm talking to my accountant and he told me that I need to send invoices in the name of my company in order for my income to be considered "business income".


It's very important to me that I get paid through my LLC because of specific tax advantages that are unique to my case.


Does anyone know if I have to do anything special to earn "business income" instead of personal income? Do I have to do anything in UpWork settings or check any specific boxes?


Thanks so much 🙂


Hi Thelonious,


The name shown on Upwork invoices is your verified name, and this can't be changed to a company name. Please know that Upwork cannot provide any legal or tax advice. In these cases, we recommend you consult local experts.


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Hey Thelonious, did you end up making any changes for this? I'm in the same boat

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