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How do I get an invoice from UpWork when I withdraw funds to my bank account?


Got a question.

I have just withdrawn funds for a few months worth of work (which will travel to my business's account).


My accountant will definitely require some kind of invoice justifying this amount.


However, I have not received from UpWork any document (like an invoice) confirming this exact amount of withdrawn money.


Instead, immediately after withdrawal, I could only download something called "Get Paid Now Confirmation", which carries no relevant data: neither my name, address nor the number of my bank account - so it cannot serve as a financial statement. 


When I go to my "Reports", all I can find is a bunch of downloadable smaller invoices: an invoice per each minor work (literally, dozens of them), alongside a bunch of additional invoices with the fees substracted from my earnings by UpWork.


I will definitely not be able to figure out how to obtain that precise sum of money from this huge bunch of minor invoices, fees and whatnot.

Is there a way for UpWork to issue a statement that it has transferred me this amount of money (with a clear indication of my name)?

Or maybe I have been looking in the wrong place?



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I mean, how can I dowload the invoice/statement for that "Withdrawal" from Sept 6?


When I click "Download invoices", it only downloads the separate invoices, but for some reason does not download the row "Withdrawal" (the exact and the only row that I actually need 🙂 ). 



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Hi Jekaterina,


Thank you for reaching out to us. I would like to clarify that you can't download invoices for withdrawals. All billings on your Transaction Report have official invoices that can be downloaded or printed.


Invoices include your client's company name, company owner's name, and the company's contact address. If they have a VAT number, that will be included, too. Please check this page for more information about invoices. 


You may want to reach out to your bank to see if they are able to provide a more detailed report about your withdrawal. 


~ Nikola
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