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How do I handle "downpayment"? (Hourly)

Got an hourly job and the client paid me upfront for what would be a couple of hours of the project, done as a bonus payment, which he called  a down payment.


Now I need to add the additional hours, but I'm wondering what to do about the downpayment hours, as since I had that, I didn't put any hours down for the first week. I could put only this week's hours and be fine on the money part, but I'd like to get credit for the hours for Upwork's total of hours worked calc. 

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Unfortunately this isn't going to work.

If you were paid for those hours as a bonus you can't "add" them because the client would be charged twice, and you don't get "credit" for hours that were not tracked or added to the work diary. (They do not count towards your Upwork hours.)


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Hi Jacqueline,

You may want to read this help article to learn more about how to get paid for your Hourly Contracts. You won't be able to add manual time for previous weeks because the Work Diary locks after the freelancer review period for the week is over at 12pm UTC on Monday. Freelancers have until Monday 12.00 (noon) UTC (not Sunday midnight) to make any changes to the previous week's work diaries, including adding manual time.

~ Jo-An

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