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How do I manage payment and ongoing jobs?



I am new to Upwork and I have some questions as I am a little confused.


I completed my first job and have received an email notifying me about my work diary. I had no issues using the time tracker however when I submitted my work to the client they said it was great and wanted to offer me another writing assignment (the same exact thing - blogging - just a different topic).


My questions are:


Am I supposd to "close" the first job somehow and receive payment for it or does it just keep rolling on each week?

Should the client send me another invitation/offer for me to accept for each new blog topic or job?


Thank you in advance for your help.



Hi Georgia,


The client CAN just carry on working with you on the existing hourly contract, just keep tracking your hours.


It might be worth it for you to have the client close this contract and re-hire you on a new one so you get that all important first feedback on your profile.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Georgia,


Please have a look at this Help article to understand how Hourly jobs work and how payments are processed on these contracts. I see Petra advised you regarding your second question.

~ Vladimir

Hello Georgia,


It actually depends on what you are looking for and the way you want to present yourself with.


For example; if you want your profile to show that you have accomplished many jobs; then you should ask your client to close that contract, give you your feedback and start a new contract with you. it says also that your work was very good that your client chooses to assign to you another task.


But if you want to show that you have a long-term relationship and an ongoing commitment to your current client; then I guess that you could continue working with the same contract. however, in some cases it could be perceived from a viewer's (potential client) point of view that you are a bit slow in completing your tasks.


Hope that I could been helpful to you.