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How do I pay a freelance for I fixed-price contrct?

Hi there!


The freelance delivered the job, I followed the instructions on the screen and ended the contract, but I have seen nothing about paying him.


I have only paid him the first milestone, then nothing else.


How do I pay him the rest now that the contract is ended?


Hi Maria , I hope that you are doing well. 

You have two options to pay your freelancer the rest amount. 

1. You can set up a new fixed job for the rest amount. 
2. You can pay a bonus amount in the ended contract. 

For the bonus option, you can find your contract by: 

  1. Go to Jobs and select My Jobs.
  2. Find a contract with the freelaner 

    and you can pay the bonus 🙂 
Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Maria,


You can issue a bonus payment on the closed contract by clicking on the contract title > using the green Give Bonus button on the right side of the page. Let me know if you need further assistance.

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