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How do I prevent clients without a verified payment method from contacting me?


Is it possible to block clients who don't have a verified payment method? Since becoming a Top Rated freelancer, I get at least one job offer every day from a client who doesn't have a verified payment method. I would never consider them. UpWork, please provide a method to block them! 

Community Leader

One of my best clients here in upwork didn't have verified payment method and invited me to a job interview. I asked him to verified their payment method before speaking about the project. Sometimes is just that they are new clients and need a bit of help.

Community Guru

Way more than 50% of my jobs have been with clients* who have not verified their payment method. That means nothing except that if they hire you, you wait until they are verified. What's the problem?


ETA: *That have been some of my nicest and best clients.

I got a great new client today.  Their payment wasn't verified.  Told them to send me Upwork contract and verify payment and we were good to go.  An hour later, it was all done.

Yep ... of all the bad things to watch out for on this site, unverified payment is not one of them.


Clients with unverified payments are usually just clients who are using the site for the first time. They often just need one time assistance on a special project. For the work that I do, they are usually small business owners who want web content written or improved for a website they are putting together or improving. I have also worked with college students who wanted proofreading for letters being sent to grad colleges or employers, a mother who wanted help with a story poem she had written for her child (the poem was already pretty wonderful), and a nursing home administrator in Australia who needed help pulling editing and proofreading the nursing assistant training manual for a certification class he had developed. That job paid very well. Most people are honest, and you can usually tell by the way they word their job posts or messages if they are going to give you a hard time.