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How do I raise a dispute?

I agreed a $300 fee with a client that I had previously worked with. I hadn't noticed but the client had only funded escrow with $100.
The job was to create 5 illustrations, which I did but since since sending them to the client, no communication has been recieved. I have tried contacting the client on 4 different occasions, but no reply. 
I requested the full amount but after 14 days I have received nothing. 

I would like to raise a dispute but when I go into the help section I get this...
"To file a dispute on an active contract

  1. Submit your request here.
  2. Give details to support your claim that the work is complete and your payment is due. Explain the situation with enough information to help the dispute specialist understand your claim.
  3. Our customer service agent will open a case with one of our mediation specialists to review your situation."

When I click on the 'here' all I get is a bot saying "Click on Get Help in the action menu" but I do not see the Get Help option anywhere.

How can I reslove this issue?

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You should not raise a dispute.

You may not raise a dispute.


The client has not violated Upwork TOS.


The freelancer is using Upwork incorrectly.

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You said you "agreed" to a $300 payment.


That does not matter.

Agreements don't count.

Promises don't count.


What counts is funded escrow.


If $100 was funded in escrow, then that is the amount Upwork will help you receive. Not $300.



Thank you for your reply.

So do I need to resubmit the request but this time just foir the $100 and then wait another 14 days?

Regards Nick S

You said the client had only put $100 in escrow? So escrow is now 0?

You can only submit for payment if there is money in escrow. The client needs to fund the milestone first. 

Hello Martina,


No, there is $100 is escrow. I had requested the full amount of $300.

I have today requested the $100.... do I have to wait another 14 days for the money to be released?


Regards Nick S 

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you can send a message to the support team maybe theres a way they could help you out with that

Thank you.

how do I send a message to the support team?

You send a message to support when you have a technucal issue. You don't have a technical issue.

Your description is unclear.

I agreed a $300 fee with a client that I had previously worked with. I hadn't noticed but the client had only funded escrow with $100.

So you requestes 300 with 100 in escrow?

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