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How do the Milestones Work?

Ace Contributor

I am new to Upwork and am unsure as to how the milestones work.


I had a fixed price job and it was broken up into 3 milestones. Is it the client that breaks it up into milestones?


I simply submitted the milestones daily based on how much work I did. The project did not take long and so the client had no more work needed but I had only submitted 2 milestones for review.


Since the contract was ended at that point with only 2 out of 3 milestones submitted for review, does this work against me?


I took the job thinking it was going to be for X amount but it turned out to be for less since the project was ended once I has fully finished the project but only submitted 2 milestones for review?

Community Guru

Yes, the client sets the milestones, but the freelancer has the option of agreeing to them or not. Were they funded into escrow and were you paid for the first two pieces of work that you submitted fthem for review?


I imagine if the client has ended the contract, the third milestone would have been voided, unless it had been funded, in which case you would have been asked to refund the amount in the third milestone before the contract was closed.


ETA: Only the client can set or change the milestones.


A small heads up: You need to put a photo of yourself in your profile as it's against Upwork's rules and regs not to have one

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