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How do we confirm when we receive free connects (monthly 10 connects)?

I understand that the freelancers with basic plan can receive 10 free connects per month (based on the current policy, 2022 August).

I've been checking the "Connects History" on my page but so far I don't see any connects added to my account at least for past 90 days (except the awarded connects, such as responding to an interview, etc).


I am wondering if we are supposed to be able to see those 10 free connects on the "Connects History" in the first place (?)

If this is an error, where and how can I submit this issue?


Kind regards,


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Contact Upwork Support Team - Support at the rate upwork.com (email)


Thank you Ossama M! I'll definitely do that!

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You have the available now badge on. You know that costs connects. 

Thank you very much for replying to my question Martina P! Yes. I understand that connects are deducted per day if we put the available now badge on. I was just curious as I barely see connects added to my account. 


Hi Yuka,


I have checked your account and I can see that Monthly Renewals of Connects are being added to your account on the 13th of every month. You can validate this by going to your Connects History page and then changing the options here. Let me know if you need further assistance.


~ Arjay

Thank you, Arjay! Following your instructions, I could see the connects added to my account but I'm genuinely wondering why I don't see those addition when I click "All Connects" on my page. 

Hi Yuka,


Thank you for following up. In order to see your Connects history for the last month or the past 3 months, please select an option on the drop-down list below Date as shown here. Please let us know if you need further assistance.

~ AJ
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