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How do you face feedback terror?

Hello there! 

I would like to ask you how do you face feedback terror? Clients are far than perfect. For example, sometimes, clients are rude and threaten you with leaving a negative feedback to destroy your business.

Also, clients make you work under false pretenses. Usually, there are students who make you do school assignments, and you even notice that. You discover that they are these type of clients over time and when they threaten you with negative feedback.

Then, they can make you do anything, and you can do anything because you are afraid of negative feedback. That happens to me recently but a friend of mine told me that it was better to have a 1-star review and not to have that type of client. I took that. Likewise, there's the client that asks you for free work, without active milestone, but you fear a negative feedback as a retaliation for asking for a little piece of respect. 

Freelancers also threaten you with negative feedback when you're client too. Once, I hired a freelancer for a content writing job for my business, and she left the work. Then, she appeared several days after that, when I lost the client, and she claimed she was sick. She also lied in the review for me. 

I would like to hear how you face that dreadful feedback terror. 

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Clients absolutely cannot "make you do anything" unless you cooperate with that. You have 66 jobs and 100% JSS. One bad client review will barely impact you, and since you're top-rated you can remove any bad feedback you get (assuming you haven't done so recently). 


The answer is just to assert yourself like a professional and accept the fact that occasionally you may get a bad client who leaves bad feedback and life will go on. 


But, it also sounds like you need to do a much better job of vetting your clients. For instance, you should never be in a position of having contracted with a client without knowing enough about the job that you can tell it's academic fraud. 

Thanks for your kind advice. 

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a client disputed a 15$ work which i had done perfectliy but he wanted to me to do more task out of contract. i won the dispute but the left a bad ratings that kinda scary for me . also i am not sure if this gonna result me not geeting top rated when i meet all the necessary requiremnts for top rated

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100% JSS, top rated. Feedback terror does not apply to you. If you get the occasional bad feedback, you just zap it with your top-rated perk. 

For people who are not there yet - select your first contracts wisely. Very wisely. Be professional at all times. Stand your ground. Once you are top-rated, which is a pretty low threshold anyway, so almost everyone with a few contracts (over $1000 12 month earnings) has it. Then relax and know you are not at the mercy of clients any more. 

Thank you for your advice. I appreciate it a lot. 

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And always keep in mind that there are some people who just will not leave  five-star feedback. That's just how they are.

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You can't 100% protect yourself from bad feedback. Some people are just twits. I received bad feedback because I'd refused to work on Xmas Day, despite having clearly said before the contract was agreed that I didn't work on holidays or weekends. 

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