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How do you get a client here, please help

I'm new here and I have been finding it difficult to get a job here, please help a depressed sister

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Try not to be depressed. Instead, look at Upwork as a new adventure and a chance to grow your freelancing business.


Your difficulty in getting jobs is likely due to your incomplete profile and not understanding how Upwork works. We all started with $0 and no jobs, but nothing in your profile gives potential clients the confidence they need to hire you.


Since you are new here, make sure your profile is 100% complete before applying to jobs. One of the best ways to complete your profile is to go through the following Academy Courses and Learning Paths:


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In my personal Experience, it take several time and a lot of time spent in the first 6 month where i proposed my experience but anyone hire me.

After a while i'm starting with few task and not complex work. Right now i've got a lot of opportunities where customer contact me, and other where my experience is helpfull for costumer during my proposal.

don't give up and stop giving up, keep looking for candidate opportunities and accept any interviews that come your way. like all self-employment it takes time and dedication. then it all comes by itself.
Update portfolio and profile, add projects,
Profile simple and straightforward, I have found that clients only look at the simple information of what you can do.

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You got this! I'm new to Upwork but not new to the services I provide. I landed my first job a couple days after signing up. When I pitch a proposal, I help the client visualize what they're wanting. In my case I offer photo and video services, so preparing a storyboard with sketches and ensuring the client can visualize what you're offering helps. I've been working with clients and customers for over nearly 15 years. It has to be about them! Make them feel comfortable, make them feel like you are the right person for the job. 


Good luck!

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