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How do you have trust on client direct message and project message?

Hi Freelancers,

Hope you are doing well. I am sharing one of my concern about projects and direct message. When you get a message from client via direct or via any project, You may be notice there is no way to see about cleint previous history, review and job details. Just see some summery like this,



So my question is how do you calculate if the client is ok to work with? For a job post we see many parameters and previous reviews. But for this cases, we don't have options to check clients previous history.


Do you think this visisbility is important? If not how you consider such client? For my case If I see any bad review that is done very recent, I read the review and then visit the freelancer profile if i see, freelancer is right then I just ignore the job post or invitations. But if the review is 2/3 years old and all recents are good then I consider good. But in this case 4.2 out of 5 within 26 reviews. I just see this info, No way to see, when and what was the bad review?


I hope you understand.






Hi Md.,


Thank you for your feedback. I shared this with our team for review. Should we have any updates regarding project catalogs or any product update in general, we'll post here in the Community.

~ AJ
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I have been told that Customer Service can provide you with the information on direct offer clients' history.  Never tried it, though.

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