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How do you identify that a payment method is verified?



I just got my first hourly gig on here. I don't want to use the time tracker since it's a small amount of time and she's allowing manual time. Is there a way to see if the payment is verified without actually installing the time tracker software?


Do you mean payment or payment method?

---- easy like Sunday morning ----

Sorry about that. Payment method. She invited me. We chatted on the phone, and I'm ready to work. I went into the job to verify that she has a payment method on file, and I don't see it through the web interface.


ETA: With Elance, we could see that the payment is verified and we can go ahead and charge hours. It was basically a green light to go ahead and work. I don't see anything like that, so I guess that's what I'm trying to verify.

This sounds really confusing Jennifer. First, you say you have a client who wants you to do an hourly job but without using the time tracker software.


So the answer is no, because that's what an hourly job is based on. If you use the time tracker, hourly jobs are guaranteed paid. BUT if you use the time tracker only to log manual hours, then it has the same guarantee as a fixed-price job - except worse, because no money is in escrow (funded milestone). (Manual hours are paid at the dicretion of the client, whether allowed or not.)


It may be a very short job, but  you should set a minimum payment/time.


It seems really you've landed an hourly job that doesn't want to be one. Your client may be a) preying on you as  a (Upwork) newbie; or b) a newbie themselves, and as confused as you are.


Unfortunately, the onus is always on the freelancer to guide the client...

I'd suggest that you suggest a fixed-price job if it's so small. But if not, then there's not much difference - do  an awesomely good job and cross you fingers.


PM me if you want a bit more strategy...






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Hi Jennifer,


If you are referring to the client's payment method and whether or not it's verified, you can check it on the original job posting. If you see the green checkmark on the right next to "About the Client," it means the payment method is verified. Note however, that manual time isn't covered by the Hourly Protection regardless of whether the client is verified or not. If the client's payment method fails or they dispute, manual time will be refunded.


Let us know if you meant something else or have additional questions.

~ Valeria

She could not have hired you on an hourly contract without a verified payment method on file anyway 😉


Thanks guys and gals!


It was a direct invite. I don't think she's out to scam me, and if she did it's only a couple hundred bucks.  We chatted on the phone. It's just that gut feeling you get once you've been around the block. I don't like using the tracker if I can avoid it. I get skyped, emailed, etc etc while I work. Plus, I have other people's docs opened. I avoid it when I can.


On Elance, you could hire without having a valid credit card on file, so we had to make sure there was a green light on the job workroom before we could work. Now I know it's not possible to hire without one on here. That's helpful!





Jennifer M wrote:Now I know it's not possible to hire without one on here. That's helpful!


 Let me just clarify: It is not possible to hire on an hourly contract before a valid payment method has been added and verified. Should something happen to that payment method after you started working your contract gets put on hold


On fixed rate it works a little differently:

Client can hire you after a valid payment has been added, and the milestone has been successfully funded. If the card has not been verified yet payment can not be released until it is so there is a very very slight remaining risk, in that whilst you know the client has added a valid payment method, and that payment method has been charged, and the funds are in escrow, failure to verify the card could cause a spanner in the works.

Thank you, Petra for clarifying. I'm still learning the system a bit. I know there is that tiny chance of escrow falling through. It hasn't happened to me in the 5 years I've been playing this game (knock on wood!), so I prefer escrow when possible.  That's good to know about the verified payment.  

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