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How do you tell who is the client making you an offer from your proposal?

How do you tell who is the client making you an offer from your proposal?

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LOL, I read that as "when." For "who," you'll see a client name at the top of the message room. You can also view some details about the client next to the gig posting. But, in truth, you are pretty much confined to knowing only what the client wants to tell you. Some clients may share outside of Upwork contact information that you can investigate, but they aren't required to do so. 


The "when" answer: 

Sometimes the client will be very straightforward and ask how much it will cost and when you can start. Other times, you need to bring the discussion to a conclusion. Some clients want to learn from your expertise without hiring you. If the interview is dragging, you will need to say something like, "I'm available to start on this [next week/tomorrow/whatever] if you'd like to set up a contract."

The client must send an actual offer that you accept for the contract to be created and you to get paid. 

Head up to the "New to Upwork" Community Discussion forum and also check out the Resource Corner to learn about setting up contracts, rules for getting paid (and not getting scammed), etc. 

Entering into the world of freelance platforms is dangerous if you haven't studied the territory well. :shark::black_flag:‍☠️️:volcano:

Thanks Tonya, I have been to the New to Upwork. I am used to straightforward contracts as a consultant, and was told to try Upwork. I greatly appreciate your advice and already find clients not wanting to go through Upwork for a contract. 

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