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How does Upwork determine that I brought my clients to the Site, and not just found them on Upwork?

I sometimes bring clients from outside of Upwork to the site. Recently I was wondering what if at some point in the future I would like to take work with one of those clients outside of Upwork? According to the User Agreement I can do it, since I met those clients for the first time outside of Upwork.


From User Agreement:

“For the avoidance of doubt, if you, or the business you represent, did not identify and were not identified by another party through the Site, such as if you and another User worked together before meeting on the Site, then the Non-Circumvention Period does not apply. ”


My question is, in this case how I can avoid any possible misunderstanding with Upwork. How does Upwork know that I brought the client to the site? Do I need to use some special link to invite a client to Upwork? Or should I tell the client to create a project and then speciffically invite me?



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Hi Karen,


Since you're a Top Rated freelancer, you should actually be able to invite a client over to Upwork via our BYO Client program and have a contract with them at a reduced service fee. That way there will also be a record that you've invited the client over to the platform. Here is more information about that program.

Alternatively, you can submit a ticket to support informing the team that you're inviting a client to the platform and include the client's name and they'll put it on record. 

~ Valeria

Thank you, Valeria

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