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How does Upwork determine the number of connects required to apply?

I've noticed significant variation in the number of connects required to apply for jobs with almost identical requirements and pay. What's the deal? How come I'm sometimes charged 6 connects and sometimes only 1? It seems to go in phases, too. It'll be 1 or 2 for a while, then jump to 4 or 6 for a while, then go back down. I have tried to figure out the formula Upwork is using to assess the value of these jobs, but...I can't. 


For instance, looking at the charges below...a job requiring a resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile (3 separate deliverables) only cost 1 connect. On the other hand, a job requiring just a resume (1 deliverable) cost 6. The pay for the 6-connect job will be far less than the pay for the 1-connect job because it's substantially less work...and yet it costs 6x more to apply. This makes zero sense, especially given that both jobs have a similar range listed for the hourly pay rate.

Does anyone else have insight into this? What am I missing?



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UW has said the number of connects required to bid is determined by the job's value as reflected in the budget and duration. That means we have to factor in wild-**Edited for Community Guidelines**  guesses by clients when they write job posts. Also, if a job doesn't attract many bids, UW unilaterally reduces the number of connects it requires.


Personally, I think they use the same voodoo airlines use in pricing tickets.


Of course. Because clients are always the best judges of how long our work takes us. Smiley LOL This system makes no sense at all.

BUt does it refund those of us that did bid at the original/higher number of connects/

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I've always assumed it involved a Ouija board. But, I could be wrong.

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Hi Signe,


As Phyllis noted the number of Connects needed is based on the projected job duration, budget amount as well as the marketplace demand. So we may lower the number of Connects needed to encourage more freelancers to submit proposals, if the job isn’t getting sufficient interest. Similarly, if demand is too great, we may increase the number of Connects needed.

~ Bojan

But if you increase it, and I already put in my bid at 1 connect, do I get back charged now that it costs more to bid? This is a wacky system you have here....

In my opinion, you have a very unfair system for connects. 

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This is 2024, I just started using Upwork. I am seeing as high as 16 connects needed when applying for digital marketing related jobs 😢

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