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How does Upwork recommends proposals?

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Luis M Member Since: Jul 18, 2017
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I've recently got back on Upwork and even though I've been able to land some jobs, it seems to me that my profile and rates have little to no relevance on actually winning a job.


This is because I'm often competing with 20+ other freelancers for the same job and clients won't even bother to go trough all the proposals, I would be surprised if they even looked at the top10 proposals on the list.


My experience in winning projects so far has more to do with luck and timing than anything else. Sometimes I even go as far as to put some work in the actual proposal, which probably goes unseen quite a few times.

There's no point in even applying for larger jobs, because i just get crushed by agencies and top rated freelancers. 


Before everyone goes, "do a better a cover letter", "do a better profile"... I've done my research, I've seen quite a few cover letters and top rated profiles that are just plain bad and have 0 effort put into it. 


I know Upwork sorts the proposals list by "recommended" freelancers, so i'm wondering how's this sorting done and who gets prioritized ? 


It seems to me, whatever algorithm is being used, prioritizes people that have a proven track record on Upwork(on their own merit, they earned it). Shining a spotlight on them and leaving everyone else that's new and trying to build a good record on Upwork just lost in the middle of the other proposals.


What are your thoughts on this?