How does my profile look

Hi everyone, I just took the webinar class and they gave me a good idea. People ask to have their profile reviewed, I would give my opinion to others, except I am new as a freelancer and I need help myself. Would anyone be willing to look at my profile and give me some feedback? I really appreciate it. I will return the favor as soon as I have some experience. Thank you so much!


Fernanda, I know very little about animation, I don't even play games, but you seem to be well qualified at what you do. However, there's a significant issue with your profile. You've included your website URL, and it violates Upwork TOS because your website has your contact information. So I suggest you instead add a video to your profile, or video links and 3d images in your portfolio to demonstrate your skills. FYI, you *are* permitted to provide contact information in a proposal, but it's disallowed in your profile.


Good luck, and when you're established, you can help a newbie with her profile -- I'm content with mine as is.

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