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How i can get long term project?

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Sakib R Member Since: Aug 14, 2018
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Hi , Can anyone help that how i won long term project. I have maximum 90% positive review and no claim my profile. Is this case recenty in few month i can't get enough project. I want to know the reason.

When i submit a proposal i notice that in few minutes there have high number of proposal biding on this job post when time goes on reading the job descriptions and arranging cover letter according to the time. I do not understand whether is it possible to submit the 50 proposal in 10 sec without reading the job detaiI's. I'm very worried about it.


Thank you 

Sakib Reza

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Dimitri H Member Since: Feb 9, 2018
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You need to put some work into your portfolio. If you don't have work from clients to showcase, you have to do some work on your own projects, which you can use in your portfolio.

Then you need to charge more per hour. I would never hire someone who thinks he/she is only worth $4/hour. If you don't have higher thoughts about yourself and your work, then why should you get the job?


You should also rewrite your profile text. It seems that some of the passages are similar to another Freelancers profile text.


You also need to focus on getting a better JSS.  Always overdeliver to your clients and if you promise them to have the work done in two weeks, have it ready for then in one. Make them happy, so they might want to give you better ratings/feedback.