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How is the feedback score calculated? A revengeful client's score has drastically reduced my overall score!

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Marcia M Member Since: Apr 3, 2013
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I have a 5 star rating, so far, and I have never refunded anyone. I work very hard to maintain my rating, and I have earned it. The same goes for many other 5 star freelancers, I'm sure. I have never told my clients how I wanted them to rate me. By the way, you know that ratings work both ways, don't you? How exceptional are you as a client? As you have been here for only a few months and already have had "several" contractors causing you problems, you might consider rethinking your hiring practices.
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Stephen B Member Since: Dec 4, 2012
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"I will now try to avoid hiring anyone with full 5* average because it's clear proof they have not had constructive feedback (and maybe feel entitled to a high rating and will work poorly because of it" CLEAR PROOF??? I'm glad Marcia got in before me as she is a shining example of how unfounded sweeping negative generalisations are nothing but that. I get sick of hearing how if someone has five stars they are obviously bad and just keep refunding. For a start, oDesk has a mechanism (OK, don't start me Smiley Wink for flagging multiple refunds. And more importantly, it's a pretty suicidal business model to expect to have to regularly work for free. Despite your alleged "proof", the truth is that some people keep their very high scores by the sweat of their consummately professional and diligent brows - nothing else.
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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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Stephen and Marcia have both weighed in on the comment that a perfect 5 feedback score makes them suspicious of the contractor. Okay, I get where you are coming from. I am in the same boat as you guys. I have never discussed feedback with clients, but I have a perfect 5 feedback average on my profile.

It does not bother me that a contractor feels that way about 5 star profiles. I am glad that some clients are thinking about this carefully. I would hope that most clients would look past this and look a little more carefully at the overall profile.

I don't think a few clients on oDesk thinking this is going to hurt me, and even though I would not mind having a lower score, I am not willing to do lower quality work in an effort to decrease my score a bit.

I save my ire for the contractors who distort the system by either engaging in feedback extortion OR giving in to feedback extortion. Yes, I do hold the contractors to a higher standard because I think it is the contractors and not the clients who disrupt the system and cause clients to feel pressured to give perfect 5 feedback scores. Or a client who simply has ridiculous expectations about everything. I think there are very, very few clients like that. I believe most clients on oDesk can be strongly persuaded by a thoughtful, personalized cover letter and will be willing to overlook not only imperfect feedback, but even pst mistakes and complaints, as long as the overall balance of what they see is positive and professional.

Clients may only need one job done here. But contractors are here all the time and we should be the ones who know how oDesk works and who use it properly.

Pressuring clients for perfect feedback is not using oDesk properly. Refunding legitimate work in order to maintain a high feedback score is not using oDesk properly.

And complaining because you got a 4.84 or a 4.5 or even a 4.0 on one project is just wrong.

I think the only kind of client who will insist upon seeing all perfect scores when hiring a contractor is somebody who intends to use feedback extortion to manipulate the contractor he hires, or is planning to ask for a refund. Or somebody who simply has ridiculous expectations about everything.
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Sally R Member Since: Mar 5, 2015
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Right there witih ya.


Five stars from several clients - then BAM - one client rates 4-stars across the board, and my reputation is tarnished.


Have you posted rebuttals to those clients' ratings?  I just posted my first rebuttal - though I don't think it shows up on the oDesk site for others looking over my profile to see.


Or have you asked thos low rating clients to provide you feedback as to THEIR dissatisfaction - so you can make sure you never provide less than 5-star service again (as if you did)?  Worth a try anyway.  Gotta do it within a certain amount of time after contract end though.


I hope you gain enough clients that it brings your rep back up, friend!