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How long can I keep an inactive fixed-price contract without it affecting my JSS?

Hello fellow professionals. I hope you are doing well. 


So basically I have two cases of fixed price contracts (idle for some time) that I'd like your help with. 


The first case:


 I got hired for this job where I was supposed to get work on a regular basis. But my client gets the work from another client. After delivering 4 days of work successfully, my client's boss stopped requiring the particular tasks for quite some time now which created a pause in this contract. My client told me to wait because he assures there will be more work from other clients soon. Now I'm patiently waiting for more work and it's been 3 weeks with no work. Point to note- my client is very responsive, nice and professional. He has been transparent about the communication too. And I'm hoping for more work from him. 


So my concern is how long can I keep this contract idle without it affecting my JSS negatively? It's a fixed price job and the last transaction was on March 2nd. I asked for active contract feedback from him just today. I can end this contract and initiate another one when there is more work available. But would that be a smart move to make? 


The second case: I got hired by this client who is particularly a spiritual person. She asked for a certain type of work based on my previous works and when I delivered she wanted something very different. When I asked specific questions about the new requirements, she told me to tune to my higher self and bring 'shakti' to the deck I was working on. Now, her requirements were unclear (very contradictory) and she didn’t like my work despite me doing it twice. But she has been responsible and she paid me for the current milestone. Also, she had me sign an nda before that. The milestone is done. But there is another open milestone (not funded). She didn’t cancel that one or end the contract and I'm not hoping she will do either. First of all, will canceling the contract with that active milestone affect my JSS negatively?


I'm thinking of not closing it for the time being because it's one of the big ones I worked on (3rd big one) and having no feedback on it might affect my jss.  I'm thinking of keeping it open till I do some other successful jobs so that later if I end this contract, it wouldn’t matter compared with the other job successes. I've had positive feedbacks on all the other ones so far. 


Also, it's my 6th (running) eligible week of being top rated. And I don't want to jeopardize it. This is also a fixed price contract. Is it okay if I keep it open and it's idle for like 5 weeks? The last transaction was just on this 23rd March. Will keeping it open and idle for 5 weeks affect my JSS? 


Please let me know. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you for your time. 

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Years ago, I was told that idle contracts may have bad effects to our JSS. But lately, I read somewhere that they changed it. Me myself has a lot of inactive fixed price contracts for years, and my score still remain the same.

Thanks for the response Nhu Nhu! 

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Thanks for the response Martina. Btw your profile is very impressive. Keeping 100% JSS after completing soo many jobs, must be a result of consistent great outputs. Not so easy to maintain! 

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I close mine after about a month if I haven't heard anything else from the client and it's never impacted by JSS. I do it just to avoid the clutter more than anything else. If the client wants more work done they can set up a new contract, and that happens all the time for me.

Alright Peter. Thanks for the response! 

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