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How long do job postings last?

Isn't there some time limit to a job being posted? The client does some initial interviewing and then nothing. What keeps the job open?

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Hey Robert,


That's a great question. I think many people will gain a deeper understanding from reading this.


A job posting will expire if a client has not conducted any activity on it in the past 30 days.


If you no longer want it to be shown in your active proposals, you have the option to withdraw your proposal. 


- Colby C.

If understand you correctly, that doesn't make sense. If a job closes after 30 days, then how could I have a proposal against a job that really doesn't exist. To me, if a job closes, the the proposal should be archived.


Am I not understanding what you said?


I have proposals setting on my list for jobs over 6 months old. The job hasn't closed and unless I can't see client activity, nothing has changed on the job.

Robert, in theory a job posting is automatically closed after 30 days without client activity. But, that cleary doesn't always happen based on the "client last viewed" statistics. There's been discussion of this in the past, and no one really seems to know what's going wrong.


Some possibilities are that Upwork defines client activity differently (for instance, any time the client has logged in, or has messaged someone, or some other activity that isn't directly engaging with the job post), that the auto-archiver just doesn't work very well, or that the "client last viewed" functionality doesn't work very well.


SOME jobs do expire, so it isn't as if it just doesn't happen at all. It just doesn't seem to happen consistently (or, at least, not based on the parameters we're expecting)

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