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How long does it take time to show up in reports?

I have 40 hours tracked, which hit my weekly limit.  However, the reports are showing 36:50 hours in review.  


Another job is showing 1:30 hours when it's 2:10 hours.  


The time is all tracked and recording, but it's not reflected in the totals.  


Why is it taking so long to show up?  Should I keep waiting?  4.5 hours seems like enough time for the reports to catch up.


Okay, so I guess the time was just going to dissapear.  Talking to support and hoping they can fix it.  Smiley Sad

Great...  Here's there response:


"If it doesn't get updated, the information that you see in the reports page is the one that will be sent to the client."

"You can advise the client to issue it as a bonus."


Apparently, I have to ask the client to issue the difference as a bonus... **edited for Community Guidelines**?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Daniel,


I have checked your reports and it looks like it was updated and the correct amount of hours is displaying now. Your client will be charged for all the hours you logged.


I am sorry about the inconvenience and frustration it has caused you.

~ Valeria