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How long does the bonus can be cleared?

Good day!


I got some bonus from my client and was just wondering how long it takes to be cleared. I already withdrew the earnings today but the bonus is still on hold.



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It may vary a bit, but I've found it usually takes about 2 days longer than the milestone payment that was released at the same time. 

It has been pending since Tuesday and I managed to get a message from my client that he sent a year-end bonus. Anyway to make a follow-up with Upwork? Thanks.

If it's been pending since Tuesday, I wouldn't expect it to be cleared yet. It typically takes about 2 days longer than the normal five day hold period. 


If you click on the "pending" amount on your main reports page and look at the breakdown, you should see a date to the left of the payment--that's when it will be available. If it still says "pending" there, the payment to Upwork hasn't been completed yet (that doesn't mean that the client didn't pay it, just that it's still in progress)

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