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How long is too long for a response?

Hey freelancers, I got stuck on a css positioning cross-browser issue over the weekend which has my website looking messy. So I hired a contractor to fix it - I said I wanted it done by today. He was responsive to ask for login info and I responded but have not heard back in about 42 hours. I hope he is working on it or has plans to. I asked for an update about 24 hours ago. - But nothing. I really want this done ASAP. and I am not sure if I should wait for the due date (today) to tass in my timezone or his before I end the contract and try again. or am I being impatient?

He should at the very least respond to your emails if only to say when he will get to it. Very unprofessional not to respond. If it were me I would look for someone more professional than that. Tell him you need it done by xxtime in xx time zone or you will close the contract and find someone else. At least he will have a heads up.
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