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How long to hear back about a dispute?

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william b Member Since: Jan 3, 2015
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I recently had a very similar experience.

Fortunately in my case I'd demanded 50% of my fee upfront, and then delvered 50% of the work as agreed.

The scammer client then tried to ger her money refunded and, unfortunately, I had to file a dispute then waste hours of my time pursuing it to no avail. The only good news is that I kept my hard earned fee and have not seen this scammer on the platform since.


In my experience, the Upwork "Help" center is of little to no real value during the dispute process and really seems to have no idea how to proceed. Although I've "won" disputes the "Help" reps seem to reflexively side with the client as a simple default so that they won't have to actually do anything. As the dispute process is both tedious and arduous, you really have to weigh whether or not it's ultimately worth it.


The lesson- Get your money upfront or don't bother!