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How long until I get the amount agreed?

Hi everyone, I completed this job 2 weeks ago and got my upfront payment at that time (15%). But I never got the rest... how long should I wait and, what if they don't pay me back? The company has good reviews and I don't know if this is a mistake or not. This is the info I got about the contract: Ended - Sep 8, 2014 Amount Paid: $22.95 Give a Refund… Amount Agreed: $153.00 Thanks in advance. Cheers.

Contact the client and ask them politely. It may just be a normal delay, but it will bring it to their attention that they haven't paid you. Two weeks isn't so long that you need to seriously worry about the client never paying you, but it's a long enough time that you can bring the matter up without seeming pushy.
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