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How many 'Bugs are waiting to be faced from the 'EXPERIEMENT of the New Algarithm?

Community Guru
After completed 52 projects in 4 months with all through '5 Star' feedback, 32 times Bonus + 100% satisfaction and recommendation by each client, at last I realized 'I am not good fit' to apply for a single job at all!!! The auto hidden test has taken all responsibilities to build my fate in stead of God Almighty!!! After sending 100+ cover letters, the number of response is ZERO though this poor Cover Letter never failed to bring me 10 to 12 new jobs before. So I started writing Poetry in stead of the 'Father of Silence' (cover letter) that keep reminding every hour 'I'm not good fit'!!! After 4 weeks Suddenly a new client (was refered by another client) hired me for his new project! The first job of the year! I completed the project within hours that pleased the client truly (he still dont know, I'm good for nothing according) :p Then he ended the contract, paid the rest of the bill and also gave a bonus before final delivery. But see how lucky I am! its already 8 hours has been passing but my 'not good fit' oDesk Profile is still showing that the client didn't pay the rest of the bill (70%)! At last, I asked the client (in cluding support team) if its his mistake or he'd forgot and the client responded that he paid full bill with 10% bonus and if there has any confusion, he is still ready to pay again via paypal cause he has so many tasks to be done soon and he is thinking, I'm good fit for all those tasks! Now the question....Is this a 'Side Effect' of the 'Good Fit' searcher named 'New Algorithm' or I am really good for nothing? :p God bless us!