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How many days deadline you ask for short project (1-3 days)?

I am new here and trying to be competetive. I prefer to give at least 2 weeks deadline, but I don't know what's the usual here.


So I thought I should ask fellow freelancers about it.

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Hi Varun,


If you are talking about establishing a deadline for the completion of a project that you've been hired as a freelancer to do, I suggest estimating how long it will take you and adding at least 50% additional time. This is what I do as it's always best to have a little 'wiggle' room, and you don't want to over-promise and under-deliver. Missing deadlines can quickly erode the client's trust, so you want to make sure you don't make your timeline too tight.


Additionally, I'd recommend that you stipulate in your contract that any such deadlines are subject to change if any materials that you may need from the client are not delivered when you need them. Just word it so that it is well established that there are needs on both ends and both the client and freelancer have responsibilities.


And to ensure that you can absolutley keep any deadlines agreed to, go strong with your Scope of Work: you need to clearly define what you're going to do and what you've agreed to do.


Wishing you the best of success on Upwork,


Jody PM

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There's no right answer - it depends on what the project is and (most importantly) what the client's deadline is. But people prefer to get their jobs done sooner rather than later, so I feel that being able to offer a quick turnaround time gives me a competitive advantage.


I always get something back to my clients within 1 or 2 working days of being hired; even if it's a large project, I'll at least design a page or two or - if I'm really pressed for time - even just come up with a colour palette or photo suggestions, and ask for feedback. That way, I quickly know whether the client and I are on the same wavelength before going too far with the project, and I think that it provides reassurance (especially with new clients) if they know that the work is in progress and I'm on top of things. 



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