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How many jobs should I apply for a day?


Experienced people,  how are you?
I have a question, How many jobs should I apply for a day.
What are the rules for applying for a job on Upwork? Please let me know.

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There is not rule.


Personally I would not apply for too many jobs at a time since they might be larger and take longer or might be followed up be another job from a client. If you only apply for small jobs you can apply for more as long as you still meet the deadlines.


I hardly apply anymore, and the new job listing page does not really make me want to scroll through the list at all.

Thank you very much for your valuable feedback.
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As many as you find for which you are the best possible candidate.

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You have to Place minimum 10-12 Bids per Day.

Krishan K wrote:

You have to Place minimum 10-12 Bids per Day.

Maybe you have to, but I feel giddy if I do more than three - and then I probably don't bid on anything the next day. That includes when not much is going on workwise.

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It depends, Khaled H.


How busy do you want to be with Upwork projects?


How many projects do you find per day on Upwork where your skills and experience are a great fit?


How much are you willing to pay for connects per month?


There is no specific limit to how many job proposals per day per freelancer are allowed by Upwork, but Upwork will take action if a freelancer makes large amounts of spam-style proposals. Upwork wants freelancers to make proposals that are in line with each job's specifications.

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This is almost a year old thread. 

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Bah ! I will simply tell you that the number of jobs to be done per day is not necessary but the job well done will allow you to obtain more opportunities. 

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It depends on your budget, but I would encourage you to spend your connects on valuable and reasonable jobs out there, so be careful picking them up.

you are right too 

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thank you for the input guys!


I helps a lot  new wannabies  like me.

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