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How many times arbitrage can be started upon project?

I have a project splited into five milestone. First one completed and paid, second is completed but not paid. Client asks for extra work before releasing payment for second milestone, which I resuse to do, since we never discussed it.

So I am going to start arbitrage. 

So my question is how many times arbitrage can be started withing single project?

If we (I and client) start arbitrage in the middle of project (2nd milestone of 5) what happens next? 

I or he win arbitrage. And what is going on after that. Does project automatically cancel or we have to proceesed project? If we proceed project than can we start arbitrage on 3d milestone again? I am asking because I am sure that client will ask for extra job again and again.

What happen for example if I win arbitrage for 2nd milestone and lose arbitrage for 3d milestone? Will I lose money for all 3 milestones or only for 3d milestone in this case?

How many times I will be penaltized by UpWork (I mean impacting my rating on UpWork) if we will start several arbitrages in one project?


Thank you.


P.S. I know that arbitrage is costy ($291 per participant), badly impact on my rating. Please do not write about it.

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There is no "second time."


If a client does not pay you and you need to file a dispute (the step before arbitration), then the client/freelancer relationship is over. It has turned into an adversarial relationship. There is no milestone after that.

Thank you!

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It's "arbitration," not "arbitrage."


Good luck!

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Retired Team Member

Hi Andrew,


I would also like to confirm that the arbitration process is available only once per contract. Once the arbitrator decides what will happen with the contract, we would adhere as stated in the ruling. Thank you.

~ Goran
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