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How much money need to spend get any projects?

Hi. I'm html/css developer 9+ years and ux/ui designer  3+ years. So as you understand i have 10 years exp. in developing website. I knew about upwork for a very long time. But now I need some additional side job. I didnt get how Connnects and bids work. But I spent about 200-250 connects. It's about 30-40$. I have 0 responses even nobody start discuss about my offer. Actually on Upwork clients offers cost is very cheap for me. But I anyway trying to do tasks for review and respect 😃 But still no responses. What should i do and how much more money I need to spend ? 

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It's not about spending money, but about having a good profile, sending quality proposals and let's face it, a litte bit of luck. 

You could send thousands of proposals, but if any of them are apealing to the client, they won't even notice you. You're trying to make a sale, so your proposal should convince the client to talk to you. 

Here's an article about that:


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this article is really amazing having helpful tips, thanks for sharing.

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