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How much proposals in a day?



I am new at UpWork and I have few doubts. One of my friends UpWork account got suspended and reason given was too much proposals submitted with no success. I understand that proposals without any success doesn't make any sense but if someone is new how could he/she assure a job success if can't do enough number of proposals.


Any way I don't want to take risk of my account suspension. So could anyone please suggest me how much bids or proposal should I submit on daily basis. I am submitting proposals on alternate days now. Is it fine or I can submit one proposal every day? Any advice or guidance would be greatly appreciated.




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Hey Aditya,


I see you already have a job in progress, make sure to provide great results to get great feedback.
Focus on finding the jobs you can do perfectly and write custom cover letters which make the client feel you are the one they are looking for. Also, pay attention to the client's work history and feedback and hire rate, of course. I personally would not apply for a job of a client with less than70% of hire rate.
I believe there is no certain number of proposals you can send daily not to get suspended.


Happy freelancing!

im sumbit proposal not response why and automaticaly reduse my proposal cancel or expired thisbig issuse help dont happen again im seeing and advetismet paid and introsuction class  but not response  


Hey Hasmik,


Thanks for your response It really means a lot and I feel much better now. yes, I got my first job in t

he very first week of my upwork start. It feels great and I really got motivated. And I am gonna provide best results for this job. Thanks again.

Hi guys,

It's 2019 now and I'm new to upwork as well. I've the same question as Aditya. I'm new and don't want to get suspended. Could you please further guide me how many proposals should I send on the upwork? I've already passed the upwork tests regarding the web development and I would like to get further guidance from you on landing a successful job. Thanks in advance and I look forward to your positive response.



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You'll be fine as long as you don't spam proposals with copy and pasted templates, make sure each proposal is catered to the job that you're applying for. I.E. If you're a web developer, don't be applying for SEO jobs unless you know what you're doing. 


Upwork doesn't mind if you apply for multiple jobs a day, just make sure you put care and effort into what you're sending to the client. I'm sure people on here would be happy to criteque any proposals you might be sending to potential clients.


I see you're a full stack dev, you should have no problem getting work if you form your proposals well and send them to clients, making yourself stand out etc. I see you've already gotten a job, you'll be fine. 


Don't stress.


Covered in depth here if you'd like more information:



Thank you,

Jordan Fleming.

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I think you can increase your chances of being hired also by taking some skill tests and by increasing your rate.


Work on a good cover letter in a spare moment. Don't use the same each time, but you can copy the section where you present yourself and focus on the things that are important for the job.


Also consider that there is no point in sending out 30 proposals on one day because you won't be able to do all thirty jobs at the same time.

With the connects you have, you can apply for 30 jobs each month ~ 1 job each day.

Go through the list with possible jobs, mark the ones that sound interesting and have not too many proposals.

There are days with 50 or more interesting jobs and other days with 5. If 500 people are looking for the same job don't join them on these days.

Read what you can find out about the client (statistics and feedback from other freelancers).

Come back here and ask if you are unsure.

Thanks Jennifer for you valuable input on my concern. I am surely gonna take some tests as per my skills. Do you really think increasing my hourly rate could increase my chances?

Yes, you have to think global and cheap rate often implies cheap work. Consider yourself happy to live in a low-cost country but do not sell yourself cheap. Your work is worth the same made in India or in the US. Your advantage is that you can become relatively rich compared to us in high-cost countries or just work less once you have your business up and running.

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